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Ms. Ricks is an investor and leading advisor to major multistrategy hedge funds on strategy development and talent acquisition across all asset classes inclusive of vetting and onboarding of portfolio managers and their teams into the infrastructure, culture, return and risk parameters of the multistrategy fund. Ms. Ricks created the proprietary POPM model, which enabled her to be the first to bear “netting risk” on innovative deal structures. Ms. Ricks received the Ernst & Young’s Young Entrepreneur of Year Award in 1998 for her groundbreaking recruiter training venture, Internet Research Services. Ms. Ricks received a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of HHP at the University of Florida in 1991 and was inducted into the University of Florida’s HHP Hall of Fame in 2016. In addition to her pioneering work within the Alternatives Industry, Ms. Ricks is a recognized breast cancer survivor/advocate. Since her diagnosis with breast cancer and the debut of her HBO documentary, The Education of Dee Dee Ricks, she has given over 100 keynote addresses to Fortune 500 companies, foundations, and non-profit organizations domestically and internationally. Ms. Ricks is a sought after inspirational speaker on mending the gap in access to quality healthcare, patient navigation, social equality and entrepreneurship. Ms. Ricks is the Founder of the NextGen AAA Foundation whose mission is to provide mentoring, education, and hockey programs to diverse, low-income, and/or at-risk youth throughout North America.

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