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Gunwerks - Simply. Amazing. Rifles. Gunwerks is based in Burlington Wyoming - Population 288 - and is the dream of Aaron Davidson our Owner, Creator, and Visionary. We have developed the best Long Range Shooting System available to hunters today. Gunwerks is truly a Custom Rifle builder. We do not piece together guns using everybody else's parts - we control every design and engineering aspect of our rifle. Our LR1000, Magnus, or RevX stock, our GLR or GRB Action & Bolt, our Bedding Block, our Bottom Metal. We take turned barrel blanks from Proof Research, Bartlein, and other high end custom barrel manufacturers and control the remaining machining process, showcasing the barrel with our custom contours, fluting, etc. Finishing off with a TriggerTech Trigger completes the rifle. Adding a Nightforce optic with our own custom reticle design, and a Custom Turret completes the firearm. We strive to push each rifle out at a 1/2 minute accuracy at 1000 yards. Yes, 5 inches at 3,000 feet! Add to that custom loaded ammunition, and a BR2 Range Finder that takes into account elevation, distance, incline, temperature, humidity, pressure, and your bullet BC and Velocity - it can account for an accurate shoot to range, that may be shorter or further than your actually line of sight. Oh - and it even can tell you the wind hold in 5 mph increments! There is no smarter tool for a long range shooter to use. Our Training - the best long range shooting schools are taught by the best long range shooters. Retired MSG James Eagleman, Special Operations Target Interdiction and US Army Sniper leads our Long Range University with classes taught in Wyoming, Utah and Texas throughout the year. Level 1 and Level 2 are each two day courses and taught weekly from May to October in Wyoming each year. Make other shooters at the range envious of your mad skills - Get Trained! The rifle you use defines your success in the field. [email protected] 512.777.9188

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