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George H. Lucas, Ph.D. Driving pipeline development for new and established sales people is an increasingly difficult challenge. Far too many sales approaches begin with, "so you have an appointment." That is like telling the person facing a great white shark, "so, you have a spear gun." Lucas serves as Director of Coaching and Learning at Schul + Baker Partners of Dallas, TX. This rapidly growing organization provides recruiting, on-boarding, learning and coaching solutions for firms primarily in all aspects of the risk/insurance and employee benefits industries. Our sweet-spot is finding high-potential sales talent outside these industries and bringing them into these highly rewarding positions. For nearly 30 years George Lucas has been a resource to organizations as a speaker, trainer, consultant, and field coach. His clients all have one strategic aspect in common: they have developed an approach centered on identifying, delivering, communicating, and being compensated appropriately for the value they provide to their clients and customers. George is author/co-author of several successful books; including the WSJ, New York Times and USAToday best seller - The One Minute Negotiator: Simple Steps to Reach Better Agreements. He is also created Mastering Negotiation Strategies available thru, and The Anatomy of a Negotiation continuing education course with Don Hutson available thru Western CPE. Specialties: Sales/business development, negotiation skills, sales coaching and leadership. Lucas received his Bachelors degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and subsequently served in field sales positions with American Hospital Supply Corporation and Pitney Bowes. He returned to Missouri to complete both an MBA and Ph.D. in Business Administration. George has held faculty positions at both Texas A&M and The University of Memphis. He was recognized as one of the top professors in the Executive and International MBA programs.

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