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Mr. John Francis Mauldin serves as the President of Millennium Wave Investments. Mr. Mauldin also owns Millennium Wave Advisors, a state-registered investment advisory firm, and has served as its President since its inception in 1999. Mr. Mauldin is also the President and registered Principal of Millennium Wave Securities, a FINRA & SIPC registered broker-dealer. He is also a public speaker on topics relating to finance and the economy, a published author on such topics... and a frequent contributor for various publications and television shows on such topics. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of the American Bureau of Economic Research. Mr. Mauldin serves as a Sub-Advisor and Member of the Investment Advisory at Pro-Hedge Funds. Mr. Mauldin is an owner of Mauldin Economics, a publisher of investing resources, and has served as its Chairman since February 2012. He has been employed at Pro-Hedge Funds since July 2005. Mr. Mauldin is a prolific author, investment authority, investment Analyst and Editor of the popular Thoughts from the Frontline e-letter which reaches over 1,500,000 readers weekly. He is a regular contributor to publications including The Financial Times and The Daily Reckoning, as well as a frequent guest on CNBC, Yahoo Tech Ticker and Bloomberg TV. His critically acclaimed new book, Bull’s Eye Investing, Targeting Real Returns in a Smoke and Mirrors Market cuts through the fog of investment information and gives concrete advice for structuring absolute return portfolios. As a recognized expert on alternative investments and hedge funds, Mr. Mauldin is primarily involved in private money management, financial services and investments. He is known for his unique ability to present complex financial topics in a manner that is equally understandable to both the general populous and the industry professional. Mr. Mauldin has been a Director at Galectin Therapeutics since May 2011 and AgeX Therapeutics, Inc since June 5, 2018 and an Independent Director at Ashford Inc. since November 2014. He serves as the Member of Strategic Advisory Board at ROBO-STOX LLC. Mr. Mauldin serves as a Member of the Investment Advisory Committee at Pro-Financial Asset Management Inc. Mr. Mauldin has extensive experience as an investment advisor, as well as extensive knowledge of finance and economics. Mr. Mauldin holds a B.AEconomics from Rice University and a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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