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Mike North, PhD aka “Doc North” doesn’t just talk about the future, he builds it. In 2006 Discovery Channel hired Doc North to develop a system to invent the future for the primetime Discovery Show Prototype This! developing working prototypes from autonomous drone delivery to a self-driving pizza deliver cars to mind controlled demolition derby cars. Currently, Doc hosts his own online Discovery Show In The Making, where he travels the world discovering the latest in technology and innovation, and co-hosts the hit Science Channel show Outrageous Acts of Science, where he explains the engineering behind some of the craziest inventions on the internet. Keeping with his inventor/maker roots, Doc North also works with small and large companies to create prototypes, including autonomous cow herding, a human-size robot for Intel, and a smart prosthetic for the Department of Defense. As a thought leader, Doc North has taught innovation at UC Berkeley, delivers high-energy inspiring keynote addresses, leads innovation workshops, and delivered the graduate commencement address at UC Santa Barbara at the same time President Obama was giving the commencement address at UC Irvine.

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